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Ex-Presidents – 2017

The one thing that might prevent the United States from becoming totally unrecognizable by 2020: Meet the ex-presidents America prides itself on peaceful transitions from one president to the other. No coups. No backstabbing. No backward glances at what might have been. We witness this every four years or, at the most, every eight. No […]

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Jake Cassar on Election 2016

Jake Cassar, well-known community/environmental campaigner and former candidate for the electorate of Robertson, has just posted on Facebook in support of independent Van Davy: Did you know that 8 out of 9 women are currently turned away from local emergency accomodation services? These women often have small children with them and are usually escaping domestic […]

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Marriage Equality

I was struck by something the very excellent Margaret Morgan said regarding the marriage plebiscite and Turnbull’s continued commitment to it, and I’m absolutely convinced she’s right. For all of Turnbull’s “I think Australia’s better than that” bollocks regarding whether or not hate groups will come out of the woodwork when the plebiscite is announced […]

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Van Davy

In the Federal Election 2016 the electorate of Robertson, much-abused by both major parties and lying within the newly-merged Central Coast LGA, has a new independent candidate for the House of Representatives. He is Dr Van Davy We quote verbatim his position statement: In my dreamie sleep I was asked by a distressed young woman, […]

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Saving Private Holden

I’m frustrated with the superficiality of the debate over “saving” Holden. Once again, they’re missing the point entirely. The issue is not, or should not be, about bailing out another Detroit dinosaur. The important issue is the future of automotive manufacture in Australia. Should we have one at all? I suggest there a number of […]

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PM targets gays in marriage law

PM targets gays in marriage law Gay couples will be banned from marrying or adopting children from overseas but will be allowed to inherit their partner’s superannuation under proposed changes to marriage laws announced today. Less than an hour after Prime Minister John Howard announced the changes to the Marriage Act, the government rushed legislation […]

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