Dr Van Davy Policy Statement

The Independent candidate for Robertson, Dr Van Davy, said today that his focus was on the 4 major groups of local people in the upcoming elections: pensioners, youth, workers, and small business.
Dr Davy said, “Our local economy works best when youth are engaged, pensioners and workers’ families have cash in their pockets and purses, and small businesses are blooming with health because of their youthful, pensioner and worker customers. In this system everyone pays their taxes”.
Dr Davy said, “The trouble is, right now, Australia’s mega-rich, too many big companies, and the multinational corporations are using Malcolm Turnbull’s highway to tax evasion to NOT pay their taxes, to rob the national Treasury of the necessary taxes to properly fund Medicare, pensions, public schools and hospitals, the ABC, investment in renewables, investment in a fast internet, investment in youth policy especially here on the Coast … and investment in a 10 Year road plan for here on the Central Coast.”
“Small business depends on cashed up pensioners and workers families and working youth. When Big Business, the mega-rich and multinationals fail to pay their taxes, then our economic system becomes rotten … because it impoverishes already poor pensioners, drains cash from workers’ families, and leaves small businesses without the customers they need to do well, ” Dr Davy said.
Dr Davy listed his differences with the major parties as:
1. The criminalisation of the use of Tax Escapes [“havens” ] by the mega-rich and corporations, such as that used by the Prime Minister in the Cayman Islands, and thus to close the freeway [not accidental ‘loopholes’] of tax evasion robbing the Australian Treasury of the finances it needs.
2. Stop all tax evasion, especially by the already wealthy in areas such as superannuation, negative gearing and Capital gains tax.
3. Immediate establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption … to stop the policy-mangling effects on Government of lobbyists within Parties, vested interests expecting policy advantages from close ties to political parties, factional bosses wielding power while de-powering party memberships, wildly over-generous schemes privileging politicians over the regular public.
4. Immediate introduction of a 0.1% Speculation Transaction Levy/Tax on all trades in shares, stocks, bonds, derivatives, futures, and currencies
5. I will seek to broker a bi-partisan agreement between Liberal and Labor for a Pensioners’ Manifesto of Essentials, the centre-piece being to move the pension from current 10% below the Poverty Line to 30% above by 2027.
Dr Davy said,”I will preference the Liberals last … because the Liberals have recent form as serial liars:
1. Liberals promised to maintain pensions but cut 97,000 pensioners, reduced pensions to another 200,000 and tried to dilute indexation
2. Liberals cut schools and hospitals despite promises not to do so
3. Liberals cut funding to the ABC/SBS despite promising not to do so
4. Liberals attempted to impose a $8 tax on Medicare, are currently privatising Medicare, and will destroy public Medicare as surely as they are now destroying public TAFE
5. Like Labor the Liberals refuse to establish a national ICAC …I will shame both partiies into agreeing to this
6. Like Labor, the Liberals are soft on the highway of tax evasion which benefits Big Business and Multinationals and impoverishes the interdependent triumvirate of: pensioners, workers, and small business.
Dr Davy said, “I will 2nd preference Labor because, despite Labor’s internal factional wrangles and refusal to address internally corrupted processes and a national ICAC, Labor is strong on matters of Medicare, dental care, penalty rates, schools, hospitals, fast internet and jobs generated by massive investments in renewables.”
Dr Davy said, “it is a pity that Australia is so locked into its adversarial 2 party political system because Australia would benefit from a 2 year “Unity of Purpose” Government, with an Independent as Prime Minister, Windsor, Xenophon and Member for Indi as important Ministers for [a] intro a national ICAC [b] criminalise overseas tax havens and expose all forms of tax evasion and close them [c] Royal Commission into the finance sector and banks, with special focus on the “social purposes & NATIONAL responsibility” of banking. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten as key Ministers in the 2 year Cabinet with opportunity to sow their concern for the nation rather than the corrupted interests of their factions and party donors, would also be a good development for the nation”
Dr Davy said, ” I am 71 … not a career politician”
” I have a degree in Political Science and a 3 x top-boxes Ph D in the politics of Education”
“I take zero money from any donor, and I am free of any influence from any party, faction, union, company, corporation, developer, spivs or urgers”.
” I am not in this election for the money or status. As a matter of highest priority, I want to clean the plumbing of government with a concentration on purifying the dirty pipes of factions and lobbyist control of the processes and thinking of Government. Corruption, massive tax evasion, and privileged politicians working only for lobbyists mega-rich and big corporations AND AT THE EXPENSE of job-generating small business, pensioners, workers, Social Wage, Family Wage, job-generating fast internet, and job-generating renewables industries….. is a form of capitalism gone wrong. Clean political representatives with everyone paying their taxes is a form of capitalism that works well … for everyone, including the big battalions of: workers, pensioners, youth and small business,” Dr Davy said.

Democratic.Systems supports the candidacy of Dr Van Davy for the seat of Robertson.

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