Australia-U.S.A. Systems Compared

Comparison of Australian & U.S.A. political & administrative processes
StyleCommonwealth of AustraliaUnited States of America
Type of ConstitutionFederation of Sovereign StatesFederation of Sovereign States
Type of GovernmentConstitutional MonarchyConstitutional Presidential Republic
System of GovernmentWestminister Parliamentary SystemWestminister Parliamentary System
Head of StateMonarch represented by
Vice-Regal Governor-General
Head of GovernmentPrime MinisterPresident
Executive PowerLimited to Procedural & CeremonialExtensive Presidential Executive Powers
Upper HouseSenateSenate
Lower HouseHouse of RepresentativesHouse of Representatives
Highest CourtHigh Court of AustraliaSupreme Court of the United States
Tenure of JusticesMust retire on attaining the age of 70 yearsLifetime
Franchise AdministrationAustralian Electoral Commission† with
responsibility for Federal, State and
Local Government elections
(also industrial and commercial elections)
and setting electoral boundaries
Various local & state jurisdictional methods
SuffrageUniversal and AutomaticOptional
Voting in all electionsCompulsoryOptional
Voting ProcessPreferential ‡Simple Majority
PolicingFederal & State PoliceMultiple Agencies at Federal, State & Local Government levels

† Australian Electoral Commission
‡ Electoral Systems of Australian States and Territories


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