Ordinary Australians

© G. J. Olsen Esq 2017

Ordinary Australians, take a bow
Proud of what you’ve done?
Set the bar oh so low
And acted so very ho hum

Your politicians appeal to you
“Mums and Dads” they say
They throw you bones for you to chew
And send you on your way

Ordinary Australians, such a shame
So wanting to be praised
Yet your public voice is too lame
To make that bar be raised

Easily distracted by polliespeak
Aimed at the hip pocket nerve
Deluded by that old technique
What do you think you deserve?

Ordinary Australians, to the booths you went
A government to elect
But what you got isn’t worth a cent
Your future is quite wrecked

No leadership or vision there
Nothing to be seen
Head off to the pub for a beer
Placate your overworked spleen

Ordinary Australians, status quo resumed
Mediocrity is what you’ve got
Reap what you sow, now you’re doomed
Reflect on what you’ve wrought

It’s not too late to wake from your stupor
Get up, get wise, make a stand!
Inform yourselves, become a shaker or a mover
Transform this wide, brown land

Ordinary Australians, you are required
To give some extra effort
Do not allow yourselves to remain mired
Lost, aimless, in a mindless desert

For only you can change the scene
With your engaged retort
Extraordinary Australians, nothing in between,
Become you all, I exhort!

You’ll soon have the chance again to start anew
To change the Minister, Prime
The current one has no clue
He’s stuffed up real big time

When next you walk into that booth
Your pencil at the ready
Reflect upon what is truth
Be bold, be brash, be heady

Extraordinary Australians you’ll become
When you think outside the square
Look to build community, beat the drum
Of cooperation, if you dare

Build your future on trust and hope
Not fear and unfounded loathing
Put aside prejudice, broaden your scope
It makes sense, what I’m proposing!

Nothing else has worked to date
Democracy is still finding its way
Give it a try, it can’t be worse
Than the ordinary Australia we have today!


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