Electoral Reform in the U.S.A. – Step One

Here’s a simple first step on the long road to participatory democracy.

Leave the individual states alone – they can clean up their own act, should they desire.

  • Establish a (real) Federal Electoral Commission
  • Define federal electoral districts by population independently, with a panel of electors to approve by 2/3rds majority
  • Automatic enrolment of all citizens of the age of majority
  • Establish a preferential voting system
  • Federally-funded campaigns, with penal provisions for any further contribution of funds or resources all licensed broadcasters to provide specified equal time for all candidates

I can see no constitutional obstacle (although scholars will surely point out any) however this would enable independents to have a chance, with a vote not being wasted but going to a second-choice candidate.

Is this likely? Of course not – the two parties like the battlefield to themselves, and the populace are prisoners of their prejudices as to race, religion and partisan tribalism.

Honest Abe said at Gettysburg “ … that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. Pity he was moved to mention “God” but the rest of it is apropos.

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