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Is Democracy Committing Suicide?

Here’s a tiny question. Is the age of democracy drawing to a close? Now, before you accuse me of exaggerating, or baiting you, let me assure you — it’s a question I mean to ask, and I think we should all be asking. We tend to think of democracy as something like a grand, permanent […]

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The Glorious Experiment

The “Glorious Experiment” was just that, built around the environment of that late-eighteenth-century and its contemporary challenges of transport & communications over distances. Any federation of even a small number of sovereign states face the same challenges (e.g. India, Germany, Malaysia, Australia) but do not have that critical & fundamental flaw probably because they (a) […]

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The Origin of Usonia

Recently the use of the term “Usonia” to refer to the population of the republic styled “The United States of America” has provoked outrage from some citizens of that country, especially those to the right of the political spectrum. This author uses the term respectfully and always with an initial capital as a proper noun, […]

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Electoral Reform in the U.S.A. – Step One

Here’s a simple first step on the long road to participatory democracy. Leave the individual states alone – they can clean up their own act, should they desire. Establish a (real) Federal Electoral Commission Define federal electoral districts by population independently, with a panel of electors to approve by 2/3rds majority Automatic enrolment of all […]

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Brexit Result

One correspondent wrote today: The British have no idea what they just did. Their demagogues are gleefully rubbing their hands while ignorant to the abyss they just pushed the country into. The Brexit has revealed many ugly truths about the British people as a whole. It lifted a veil and revealed the dramatic flaws the […]

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Marriage Equality

I was struck by something the very excellent Margaret Morgan said regarding the marriage plebiscite and Turnbull’s continued commitment to it, and I’m absolutely convinced she’s right. For all of Turnbull’s “I think Australia’s better than that” bollocks regarding whether or not hate groups will come out of the woodwork when the plebiscite is announced […]

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Van Davy

In the Federal Election 2016 the electorate of Robertson, much-abused by both major parties and lying within the newly-merged Central Coast LGA, has a new independent candidate for the House of Representatives. He is Dr Van Davy We quote verbatim his position statement: In my dreamie sleep I was asked by a distressed young woman, […]

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