Brexit Result

One correspondent wrote today:

The British have no idea what they just did. Their demagogues are gleefully rubbing their hands while ignorant to the abyss they just pushed the country into.

The Brexit has revealed many ugly truths about the British people as a whole. It lifted a veil and revealed the dramatic flaws the country suffers from. A broken scholastic system which fails to educate its people. The majority of the leave vote are humiliatingly uneducated. Blind and ignorant proletarians who swallow lies and propaganda from nationalist politicians.

A failing social system which can’t support the groaning masses of disaffected people struggling for a job in the menial labor field. A broken political system which has been in schism for decades.

Entrenched class warfare.

Rural underdevelopment where communities of nationalists are in a an existential crisis since the first Chinese restaurants opened in their area in the 70’s. Britain is a nation of pigheaded bigots who think their glory and grandeur is undermined by foreigners. The same foreigners that have held up their economy for decades.

I wonder who they’ll blame now when they can’t blame foreigners anymore? Who will they blame now that their economy is in free fall? The world lost its confidence in Britain as a viable economic entity. They proved to the world that they are incapable of cooperation on and international level. Britain isn’t great anymore. It hasn’t been for a long time and it never will be again.

The leave vote consists of such dedicated anti-intellectuals, that the actually educated and informed remain campaigners have become disenfranchised in their own country. It’s not even a United Kingdom anymore. Scotland has been outed as second class citizens. Their vote of questionable value in the face of English nationalism. Even in England itself, there is a rift that’s been violently opened between the middle class remain voters and lower class leave voters.

History will mark this day as the start of a very dark period on an island that hates itself.

Powerful words. Are they prophetic? I fear so, only time will tell.

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