Jake Cassar on Election 2016

Jake Cassar, well-known community/environmental campaigner and former candidate for the electorate of Robertson, has just posted on Facebook in support of independent Van Davy:

Did you know that 8 out of 9 women are currently turned away from local emergency accomodation services? These women often have small children with them and are usually escaping domestic violence. And single dads literally have nowhere to go with their children, and are forced to hand their children over to DOCS.

Then you have around 4500 men, women and young people who are turned away also…

Can you believe this is happening in our area?? It’s absolutely DISGRACEFUL!

Both Labor and Liberal have ignored the needs of our most vulnerable locals and committed to absolutely nothing in our area to help curb these terrible statistics. So the more shares this post gets, the stronger message we are sending to the politicians that people care about this issue.

Attached is my protest vote for Robertson. If you don’t like it, feel free to ignore it. I’m not forcing my view on anyone, just showing how to do a basic protest vote on my personal page.

Many people have asked me how they can vote, and many, like myself, are really not keen on the the main 3 political parties.

The protest vote is not a new thing, it’s basically putting everyone else before the major parties to send a message that people aren’t happy with them. By filling out the whole form in the House Of Reps, YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

In my personal opinion, the Greens/Labor partnership will destroy all we hold dear to us in Australia a tiny fraction slower than the Liberals. So if you follow this protest vote, your vote will flow to LABOR before LIBERAL.



Please click on the image to view or download
a PDF version of Van’s card to print & take with you.


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