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ALP National Policy Platform March 2021

Disclaimer: these are unedited excerpts – and may be out of sequence.   Strong borders and a strong humanitarian immigration program 62. To maintain Australians’ confidence and trust in the integrity of our migration system, Labor will fund and maintain robust border security measures that support the orderly processing of migration to our country and […]

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How can we reimagine democracy?

Australians’ faith in politics has collapsed – how can we reimagine democracy? “Late last year the Democracy 2025 project of the Museum of Australian Democracy and the University of Canberra released a major piece of research finding that trust in democracy in Australia has plummeted from 86% in 2007 to 41% in 2018. Through quantitative […]

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Populism’s problems can be fixed by getting the public better-informed. And that’s actually possible.

Ron Levy, Australian National University Many commentators have been alarmed at the electoral wins of ultra conservative leaders around the world, as well as policy decisions such as Brexit made by a popular referendum. They see these as signs of a rising populism. In its benign forms, populism can simply mean ordinary citizens’ desire to […]

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A Contract with the Electorate

This doesn’t require any structural change, just a procedural one. Contesting parties and independents each publish a policy prior to an election at any level. Each candidate enters into a legally-binding contract with their electorate to uphold the policy they subscribe to, whether party or individual. If it’s a party policy, then each party-endorsed candidate […]

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Flux & Issue Based Direct Democracy

by Max Kaye, first published on on Friday, 26 May, 2017 The Flux Movement is founded on (what I now call) Deutschian Fallibilism. It’s an evolution of Popperian Fallibilism and David Deutsch’s book The Beginning of Infinity does a great job of explaining both the theory and exploring the breathtakingly profound consequences. In one light it’s […]

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Ordinary Australians

ORDINARY AUSTRALIANS © G. J. Olsen Esq 2017 Ordinary Australians, take a bow Proud of what you’ve done? Set the bar oh so low And acted so very ho hum Your politicians appeal to you “Mums and Dads” they say They throw you bones for you to chew And send you on your way Ordinary […]

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